Equipment Summary
Site 52,800u
Casting Section 4,766u
Wooden Storage 5,083u
Machine Tool Section 1,680u
Office and Recreation Facilities 700u
Outdoor Crane Yard 2,430u
Casting Capacity FC 300 /month
FCD 250 /month
FCH 100 /month
Minimum 0.01
Casting Process Self-hardening furan resin casting molds
Gas hardened water glass CO2 casting molds
Main Products Parts for printing presses
Machine parts for marine vessels frames, beds
Machine tool parts engines, shaft bearings
Parts for injection molding machines columns, beds
Parts for iron manufacturing machinery platen, beds
Machine parts for transportation press metal molds
Parts for generating machines cases, beds
Parts for compression machines cases, beds, tubes
@Casting Department Equipment
Mixer (SINTO KOGIO) 40ton/H 1unit
Mixer (TAIYO MACHINERY) 20ton/H 2unit
Mixer (TAIYO MACHINERY) 10ton/H 1unit
3T high frequency instruction smelting furnace (SINKO ELECTRIC) 1500kw/H 2unit
5T middle frequency instruction smelting furnace 2500kw/H 2unit
Furan sand collecting and regenerative apparatus (CASTING MACHINE KIYOTA) 20ton/H 1unit
Shot blast (SINTO KOGIO) 3,500~3,500~7,000mm@etc 2unit
25T chassis-type annealing furnace (KRC) 6,000~3,000~2,500mm@@ 1unit
Painting booth (ARIMA) 3,500~10,000mm 1unit
Burring robot (YAMAZAKI KOGYO/Industry) 3,500~12,000mm 1unit
Emission of light analyzer (SHIMADZU) OES5200 1unit
Materials analyzer (NAKAYAMA) 2unit
Wooden form manufacturingequipment 1unit
Can manufacturing equipment 1unit
Crasher Machine,Shearing machine (TOYO PRESS INDUSTRY, etc ) 700ton@etc 2unit
Propane gas bulk facilities (CHUGOKU KOGYO) 3,000kg@@ 1unit
Truck scale (Mitsubishi Steel Mfg.) 40ton 1unit
Shovel lift (TCMATOYOTA) 5ton@etc 5unit
Over-head crane (Mitsubishi Electric) 20ton 4unit
Over-head crane (Mitsubishi Electric) 15ton 1unit
Other cranes 25unit
Metal frame (The greatest dimension) 4,000~4,000~1,600o 2unit
2,000~8,500~1,000o@ 5unit
@Machine tool department equipment
Five-faced processing machine (Shinnippon Koki TMS35VM) 3,500~20,000mm 1unit
Five-faced processing machine (KOTOBUKI@INDUSTRIES@KMC10) 1,400~3,600mm 1unit
Large-sized planer-type milling machine (KOTOBUKI@INDUSTRIES@CPM2522) 4,200~8,500mm 1unit
Planer-type milling machine (KOTOBUKI@INDUSTRIES@TPM1512) 1,800~6,000mm 1unit
Shape processing machine (Shinnippon Koki RB-2N)@ 1,600~2,850mm 1unit
Turning lathe (O-M) 2,500(3,300) 1unit
Numerical control turning center (O-M) 1,600(2,000) 1unit
Turning lathe (TOSHIBA) 1,200(1,600) 1unit
Horizontal machining center (OKUMA) 500~500mm 1unit
Machining center (ENSHU VMC650) 650~1,300mm 1unit
Machining center (ENSHU VF CENTER) 400~560mm 1unit
Scale mil (ENSHU SBV400) 400~900mm 1unit
Numerical control lathe (YAMASAKI MAZATROL T-1) 1unit
Lathe (Dainichi D1-1M,TAKISAWA TE60-12, etc) 3unit
Radial boring machine (OKUMA) 2,000mm 1unit
Radial boring machine (SH) 1,700mm 3unit
Layout machine (f) 3,500~8,000mm Punit
Ceiling crane (Mitsubishi Electric) 10ton 1unit
Ceiling crane (Mitsubishi Electric) 5ton@etc 4unit
Five-faced processing machine iOKUMAj 2500~4000mm
Computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing (Hitachi Zosen Corporation)
Computer-aided design (Pro CAD)


Head Office@ 3-23, Kamitenma-cho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima,733-0021 Japan
TEL +81-82-232-8271(main switchboard) FAX +81-82-293-0070
Chiyoda Business Office 157-1, Maitsuna, Kitahiroshima-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima, 731-1505 Japan
TEL +81-826-72-5151(main switchboard) FAX +81-826-72-5155