invest to develop a wide business.

  Invest to develop a wide business.

 O-Cast Thai Co., Ltd.
By introducing the world-class production engineering and quality control engineering of Japan to
Thailand, it is possible to enhance international competitiveness. Moreover, in addition to the
integrated system for production including design, manufacture (casting, plate working, machining)
and overall assembly conducted in Japan, this newly established overseas production base enables
customers both at home and abroad to make a broad choice of quality, delivery date and cost

 Japan Engineering Works Co., Ltd.

Attaching importance to the regional characteristics as a member of OTA CASTING GROUP, Japan Engineering Works Co., Ltd.
carries on business at home and abroad, produces and supplies industrial machine parts. High-precision large-size cast
metal and large-size machining parts produced in the consistent production system for design, first-rate manufacturing
systems (casting, plate working, machining) and overall assembly - which are one of the characteristics of OTA CHUZOSHO
Co., Ltd. - include not only furnace covers, furnace frame or peripheral devices for coke ovens, but also a great deal of products
for use in iron foundries, chemical plants and so on, are shipped out to both domestic and overseas plants, and thus Japan
Engineering Works Co., Ltd. has successfully extended the reach of its business operations.
As for maintenance activities, Japan Engineering Works Co., Ltd. positively makes improvement, and recommends
high-quality and high value-added products to meet the needs of customers. It strives to become a company that cares about
people and the environment, pouring efforts into a cooperative system of global environment conservation, raising awareness of
problems for ever and a day, and renewing efforts to serve the industrial society.


Head Office  3-23, Kamitenma-cho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima,733-0021 Japan
TEL +81-82-232-8271(main switchboard) FAX +81-82-293-0070
Chiyoda Business Office 157-1, Maitsuna, Kitahiroshima-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima, 731-1505 Japan
TEL +81-826-72-5151(main switchboard) FAX +81-826-72-5155